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New Product Launch

We have been busy behind the scenes for the last few months developing our own new product!

Say HELLO to: Devil's Churn Caramel Sauces! Handcrafted by ourselves!

All profits are destined for Naturally North Coast & Glens C.I.C. - A not for profit social enterprise committed to supporting small businesses and revitalising urban and rural towns through the delivery of artisan markets.

We wanted to create a luxurious product where teh profits would help us achieve the Naturally North Coast & Glens C.I.C Mission, one that would be the perfect partner for indulgent desserts like apple crumble, brownies, banoffee pie, and cheesecake. One that can be enjoyed as a thick topping, or warmed gently to turn it into a drizzly sauce.

Plus - we have a really sweet tooth, and love caramel sauce!

Why did we call it 'Devils Churn' ?

We are based in Ballycastle, and locally there's a well known landmark called The Devils Churn.

The ‘Devil’s Churn’ is an enigmatic component of the 18-19th century salt works at Ballycastle. This natural sea cave in the sandstone mass of Pans Rock comprises an inner pool separated from the open sea at low water by a lip of rock. A rock shelf behind the lip is pierced by a sinkhole leading to an underwater cave below. This natural arrangement has been modified by the insertion of a barrier sited seaward (NW) of the sinkhole preventing water entering during stormy conditions (the slots to accommodate this wooden barrier can still be observed). Sea water would have spilled gradually into the inner cave at high water via the sinkhole; rather than forcefully if left exposed to the open sea. The pool would have retained water in a similar way to a bucket pot and allowed the sea water to settle, with impurities dropping to the bottom.

Now the cave is a landmark with a history, it can be accessed by concrete stairs down into the centre of the rock, it is a hole in the rock which forms an underwater tunnel to the sea nearby, it is a truly strange site to see the power of the ocean as it floods and then empties the tunnel with an uncontrollable force and echoing thunder.

For our brand the name of the landmark fits!

Devil is a nod to the fact that our product is a little bit naughty and something to enjoy in moderation.

Churn - a nod to to the local dairy products used to make the sauces.

Heavenly Good -Well, we think it tastes heavenly good :)

You can find out more about Devils Churn Caramel Sauces HERE

You can buy the products online HERE or visit us at any of our pop up farms shops at local markets.


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