Our story is just starting, please join us on our journey

Seasons of the Glens is a pop up farm shop which travels from market to market bringing local produce to local communities and providing a platform for local growers, farmers, makers and producers to sell their produce to the public.

We are a social enterprise that wants to make the most of our region, and celebrate the fact that Northern Ireland has been named the ‘Best Food Destination’* by supporting and championing those that produce our food.

Public support for local artisan producers, farmers and makers continues to grow and we’d like to think we’re playing our part in that process.

We aim to

  • Support local communities, businesses, families and individuals,

  • Provide fresh seasonal produce,

  • Increase awareness of where our food comes from,

  • Reduce food miles and in turn our carbon footprint,

  • Focus on supplying quality products and a first-class service. 

We want to see communities reach out, share, rediscover food ideas and make best use of what’s available season by season and learn about real food culture.

Why not come along to one of our pop up shops and experience what we have to offer.

*Northern Ireland has been named 'Best Food Destination' Awarded by 'International Travel and Tourism Awards'