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BBC Countryfile - Ballycastle

We are looking forward to Countryfiles Ballycastle featured episode on Sunday 19th Jan, at 18:10 on BBC1.

Countryfile visited one of the Naturally North Coast and Glens winter indoor Ballycastle markets in the Marine Hotel and is sharing the stories of some of our traders, along with other interesting local stories!

"The team are in Ballycastle, a coastal community on the north eastern tip of Ireland that's quickly becoming known for its local crafts and artisan food and drink. Margherita Taylor is on a small ‘forward-thinking farm’ that produces ethical and sustainable produce from animals that would other be considered waste products in the dairy industry. Joe Crowley catches up with a couple who produce award-winning smoked salmon and dulse seaweed, a popular local delicacy. Charlotte Smith goes on a red squirrel safari with a local school group, and Adam Henson welcomes new bull Black Prince to his farm"

Find out more here


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