Bébó (Pronounced: Bay-boh) 200g Bags - Two Grinds available This is our seasonal house blend and we hope you love it as much as we do. The flavour profile is full bodied and syrupy with milk chocolate, plum jam and butterscotch. We get this by combining the rich, full bodied and chocolatey profile of the Sumatran bean with the sweetness of the Braziian coffee and the big punch of flavour of the Kenyan beans. We've named it after the beautiful and voluptuous (like our coffee!) Queen to King Lubhdán from the 13th century story Eisert, itself based on the 8th century saga of Fearghus Mac Leide, King of Ulster. The story relates the adventures and misadventures of Bábó and her husband Lubhdán in Ulster. It has been suggested that this story, contrasting a land of pygmies (Lubhdán/Leprechaun), was the basis for Swift's Gulliver's Travels! 

Medium Roast Bean type- Mundo Nova, Icatu, Bourbon, Typica, SL28, SL34 Countries- Brazil- Minas Gerais, Kenya-Central Province Sumatra-Aceh Harvest- May to December Preparation- Semi Washed, Giling Basah, Washed Altitude- 900-1,600 masl As the seasons change the components of our house blends can change sightly. We'll keep adjusting to make sure we stay faithful to the taste profile you enjoy throughout the year.

Bebo - Causeway Coffee